The Nikon D40 6.1MP digital slr camera

I first bought one of these in 2007 as a useful addition to my camera kit because of it`s lightweight body and lens and a flash sync speed of 1/500 sec very useful for fill flash. I still continue to use it regularly as it is very handy to travel with. I have recently reduced the weight further by the addition of a retractable standard lens, I have had a macro lens for this model for a few years and it still continues to amaze me what a wonderful combination it makes with the D40. The whole kit including the flashgun goes in a small backpack. Nikon got cold feet just after the D40 came out reasoning that with the race for cameras with bigger and bigger mega pixel counts the D40 with only 6.1 was going to be a slow seller, so they bought out the inferior in my opinion D40X with 10MP which added a few more pixels but more noise at high ISO`s. I can happily print out to A4 with my D40 and still crop to a reasonable degree when necessary, so if your on a tight budget and you want to buy one, a good body with the standard lens can be had for around £150. I show how easy to hold and carry the camera with one hand is compared with my usual heavyweight version which takes both hands and often a tripod

Standard lens retracted




40mm macro lens


SB400 flashgun


A reasonable 2.5 ” screen

DSC00872The heavyweight Canon 5D mk1


The following photos were taken with the camera and the two lenses shown of a astrantia flower and “old man`s beard”

DSC_0016 (1300x936)

DSC_0002 (1300x928)

IMG_0071 (1207x1300)

DSC_0188 (1500x1072)A


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