Marigolds Poppies Potatoes and Beans

End of June plot update. The self seeded plants are prolific I have let them grow virtually where they like, runner beans have flowers on them and I have dug the first Charlotte potatoes. I also picked the last of the broad beans that we planted last autumn and over-wintered.

DSC00155 (1300x1239)

DSC00157 (1300x1028)

DSC00158 (1300x732) (1300x732)

DSC00151 (1300x730)

DSC00153 (1300x732) DSC00154 (1300x732)

DSC00159 (1300x1149)

DSC00160 (1300x733) DSC00161 (1300x867)


2 thoughts on “Marigolds Poppies Potatoes and Beans

  1. Lots of colour on your veg-plot, David! My Runner Beans are only just forming their first flowers. I think it is a good year for Poppies – I have seen some very nice ones in lots of different places.


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