Wisley Magic or Enorma……….and the winner is

Amazing the difference a good mount of rain has made to the growth rate of all the plants on the plot. I visited today after some days unwell with a tummy bug and was greeted with the scent of a large amount of sweet peas that needed cutting. Growing underneath them I cut my first small round courgette “Eight Ball” a plant given to me by a fellow plot holder

I note that the pot marigolds “Flighty`s Favourites” are flowering at their best at different times this is good news, my thanks to Mark Willis for the tip of marking the plants that I want to save seed from in the Autumn. I used a small cable tie for each.

I am growing two varieties of runner beans as the main title suggests and the Wisley Magic will be ready to pick before Enorma but not by  much and in about a  or two, how pleasing runner beans with new buttered Charlotte potatoes.

The scent is heavenly


DSC_0014 (1300x930)

A real doozy of a marigold

DSC00179 (1300x928)

A collection of “Flighty`s Favourites” calendula

DSC00180 (1300x730)


DSC00184 (1300x927)

Wisley Magic

DSC00189 (1300x928)

DSC00188 (1300x867)


2 thoughts on “Wisley Magic or Enorma……….and the winner is

  1. Sorry to hear that you have been unwell, David. I hope it was nothing too serious (I know that dietary / digestive issues can be more of a problem when you have Diabetes). Your Runner Beans are well advanced, aren’t they? I also have some Enorma ones, but they have not yet set any pods, though there are plenty of flowers.


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