Mid July on the Plot with the Fuji X100s

I recently sold my Fuji x100 and upgraded to the S version which has numerous tweaks to correct the niggling faults of the first version including a bigger sensor and better processor. I fired off a few shots today for the first time over on the plot, I won`t need to tell you what`s in the trug you can see for yourself.

I need to work on the various menus that have changed on the camera to get the best out of it, but I am pleased to say that I still enjoy having total manual control over this niche camera, notice the rarity nowadays of the threaded shutter release button for a time exposure with a cable release. You will of course have noticed this is a fixed lens camera, no zoom! some may regard it as it`s Achilles heel, not me, prime lenses are invariably sharper and faster than zooms.

DSCF0235 (1975x2000)

DSCF0234 (1429x2000)

DSCF0242 (2000x1428)

DSCF0249 (2000x1315)

DSCF0252 (2000x1433)

Fuji x100s rangefinder style fixed lens full aps-c mirror-less 16 MP camera. Unique optical and electronic  viewfinder.


The optical and electronic viewfinder is activated by placing your eye to the finder


Full auto or manual control



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